The Impact

Chris Jones and 32 others (World Record)
Release Year:
Length (mins):
Joe Eszterhas and 68 others (World Record)
Olivia Williams, John Challis, Douglas Utting
Screening Date:
  • 2 May 2023
  • Summary:

    'The Impact' is the result of a collaborative filmmaking initiative run by Create50. The feature film is comprised of thirty-seven short films made by various filmmakers from around the world.

    What would happen in the final ninety minutes of humanity?

    Trailer is available on Vimeo here: 

    Film Notes

    User reviews from IMDB,

    The Better "Meteor Movie" You Need to See This Year

    leightrifari7 June 2022

    "I've been waiting eagerly for the release of this movie since I first learned about it in 2018. The herculean task Chris Jones has achieved by knitting together 50 different stories by 50 different storytellers into one film cannot be emphasised enough. "Impact 50" is relentless in delivering a catalogue of real HUMAN reactions and emotions..I found it hard to look and then hard to look away some times. Surprisingly, the pacing was actually pretty good, given the number of stories and how long each scene was.

    A vignette with an elderly couple left to their own devices on an abandoned beach was both heartwarming and bittersweet. It felt real and authentic and reminded me that life is always too short to tell someone you love them. There were comedic moments as well as heart-wrenching scenarios with no happy ending in sight. The acting across the board, through 50 different directors, was consistently on the mark. There were no celebrities in this film and there didn't need to be. Unlike another meteor movie which came out last year, this film explores REAL human emotions and REAL human responses, and I found myself crying for every single person I saw on screen at the end.

    My only criticism would be that at times the pacing was a bit slow, but given the number of stories and the range and style of each one, it was executed pretty damn near flawlessly.

    Kudos to Chris Jones and kudos to the final 50 writers and directors who made the final cut. Beyond the attempted Guinness record-breaking nods ("most writers/directors" in a single film", "most names in the credits", etc ), this is a film that will touch you to your core and make you want to go hug a loved one afterwards. Well worth the watch".

    Thought provoking, inspiring and creative... A must see movie for all!

    racheloverd1326 June 2022

    "I love what Chris Jones has done here - the opportunities and platforms he has given all those involved, especially in an industry that's tough to crack! On top of that he has given everyone who gets to watch it, a truly inspirational and entertaining film to watch. It is lengthy but I was still able to watch it all the way through without losing interest, due to the diverse and colourful stories, along with the engaging, authentic writing and actors which really brought the scenes to life.

    I love the farmer and his dog (heart wrenching) and crazy cat woman ... because my pets are my life! So glad I'm not the only one! I thought the school scene, the hospital scene (made me cry the most), the newly married couple, the old couple, the virgins - were all very amusing or heartbreaking (of both)... I also thought the art scene was very creative and applaud that director and filmmaker.

    I loved it all and felt the first scene really set the film up well - I was glued from the start. It really does make you think about what you would do in your last moments. It also made me want to get on with some things and take some risks to ensure I make the most of life, and to always tell those you love, that you love them every day... just in case! Moreover, it made be want to be a part of this epic opportunity... and to keep an eye out for the next one so I don't miss out ...

    How proud you should all be... actors, writers, directors and filmmakers - what an achievement!! And well done to Chris - what a story - a subject matter that made it easier to put such a varied collection of short stories together. This was such an amazing idea for a storyline. It's a hit!"
    Rachel O.

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    Film Responses

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    15 (34%) 16 (36%) 6 (14%) 5 (11%) 2 (5%)
    Total Number of Responses: 44
    Film Score (0-5): 3.84

    Collated Response Comments

    75 members and guests attended this screening. We received 44 responses giving a 59% response rate. Many thanks.

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    “Liked the idea of so many different writers. Directors, editors involved in this pretty fascinating interweaving of narratives inside the question "what would you do in your last minutes? Pace maintained by the shift in stories, decent balance with a consistency that must have been a challenge to keep in focus. Pleased it didn't fall into rampant lawlessness on streets too much yet moves well with some intimate stories toward more heartfelt and intimate stories that were positive. Some wry humour (underground survival, last sex fling) Thought the short films were fairly strong, decent acting, and usually compelling enough to stick at. Overall, cleverly conceived series of complementing but contrasting stories. Quite haunting, often smart, moving and funny. Must have been a big editing challenge!”

    “This is a really excellent idea. Formerly the preserve of the Cold War era - what would you do with your two minutes? - updated for the age of creeping existential threat. A huge array of talent taking an individual take on it, I was excited by the possibilities but no; this is England; we will kiss our kids (and possibly our dogs), give them an extra slice of cake, a last call to mum and sob ...discretely. There will be no raging against the dying of the light, no grand last blaze of passion (though the French will go completely bonkers). Were there really 31 writers on this? It felt like maybe three (and one entertainingly deranged Frenchman) such was the level of repetition and lack of imagination. It certainly had its moments - for me the most moving and profound was the girl wiping off her make-up - but also the kid stealing the teacher's car, 'The end is nigh', the two now former virgins. The space station was a great idea but a limp script. Given what was clearly a tight budget - a pan flat West Wittering Sea doubling for pounding Bondi surf - the finale was quite spectacular, somewhat highlighting the lack of scope elsewhere. Possibly I am judging it harshly but it seems a great opportunity sadly squandered”.

    “This was an experimental film with an interesting premise of impending doom but sadly the result was the inevitable mishmash of very short stories with nothing in common apart from the impending apocalypse. For me it just didn't work”.

    “Nice idea in principle, but perhaps a different "theme" would have allowed for more variety. Unsurprisingly a lot of stories were to do with loved ones and especially children, which became a bit emotionally bleak - despite the odd humorous story interspersed”.

    “Interesting premise and the actual collaboration were impressive. The film kept my attention throughout. Where it fell down was just the varied quality across all the films and something of a "sameness" to many of the stories. Would have also been better without the cheesy ending!”

    “A very interesting concept. Not sure what it says about me, however, I mostly enjoyed the ones with humour e.g., the beach scene, the end is nigh one and the two old men in the bath. It felt like another evening of Shorts but the same subject matter which because of the duration was too repetitive”.

    “What an amazing film. Really wasn't sure I wanted to watch an amalgam of short films for 2 hours but was won over by this extraordinary production. So much variety in such a short space of time, creating a great impact(!). Another inspired choice, thanks”.

    “Would give this film an "outstanding" response if I could. I would have been able to sit through the full near 3hr version I am sure”.

    “A consistently high-quality film remarkably well knitted together. The only slight niggle was that it seemed to be simultaneously daylight all over the world? But as a film, an impressive achievement”.

    “Powerful”. Excellent but predictable – liked the compilation – very well done”.

    “I wasn’t sure what to expect but this was incredible. Somehow coherent despite being made up of 50+stories. Incredibly moving too. Interestingly almost no couples/families depicted”.


    Thought provoking. Shades of Global warming.

    “Very powerful. Actors were perfect for their roles. It was good to include a lot about young people!”

    “Well, that was different! Thought provoking concept – not all of the scenarios grabbed me – but some provoked a smile, others a tear”.

    “It was certainly impactful and the movie will stay with me. We can learn how to live ‘here’ and ‘now’ and be more caring regardless”.

    “Thought provoking and moving but lost impact because it was too long – some repetition of ideas weakened it”.

    “A lot of food for thought. What would I do? Very interesting”.

    “Good concept but too long”.

    “Sound track poor. Lacked originality. Predictable scenarios but clever idea”.

    “Absorbing. An interesting concept”.

    “Much better than expected”. “Entertaining”.

    “Fascinating – excellent ‘bits. A better ending would have been good”.

    “Very powerful and almost unbearable to watch at times. Bur rather laboured the point and repetitive – thank goodness for the lighter touches!”

    “Too many similar and predictable stories – none the less moving”.

    “Weird – but powerful. What a way to go”.

    “Full of pain and compassion with one sharp divergence of focus – ones concern with ….. we must love our mothers or else”.

    “Sometimes overly sentimental. Then reduced me to tears. Thought provoking”.

    “Relentless and sentimental”.

    “A good idea & very adventuress but it didn’t quite work. Why was it daylight in every location?”

    “Unsure what to make of it. Entertaining? Crude, not at all nuanced. Not for me”.

    “Overambitious undertaking. Too long”.

    “Nothing original in spite of an interesting subject”.

    “Boring incoherent drivel with a couple of funny bits.”



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