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We accompany each film with film notes and collect response slips for reactions to and comments on the film after each screening. The responses are summarised and distributed at the next screening and published on this website.

We believe that this creates a “buzz” before and after screenings, as our members can exchange opinions and views with each other – just exactly what a film society should do!

We really do value the feedback from our members and collate the stats to reflect most popular to least popular film of the season as well as across all seasons.

The well thought out comments we receive are also invaluable to guide us in our programming for the following seasons.

In order to make it easier to find the related notes and responses, each of the Film Notes pages have been grouped by season (below) and both the notes and responses from the same film displayed together. The colours displayed in the film sprocket strips are the colour used for the film programme in that year.

Apart from the current season, these pages are listed in the order in which the films were shown, with the most recent one at the top of the list. For the current season we have listed them in the order we intend to screen them.



Film Response Form

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Film Suggestion Form

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Film Scores

In order to calculate which film has been most popular and which has been least popular, we have used the following formula. 

    (     (No. of Excellent votes * 5) +
          (No. of Good votes * 4) +
          (No. of Average votes * 3) +
          (No. of Poor votes * 2) +
          (No. of Very Poor votes * 1)     )     
    /    Total No. of Votes for Film

This gives a score of between 1 and 5.

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